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Collège des Bernardins

 The Academic district

The Latin Quarter located on the Left Bank, is part of the historic core of Paris and it bears the imprint of World Class Academia (Sorbonne), as well as famous writers and intellectuals from around the globe. The icon of this area is allegedly the Sorbonne University founded in the 13th Century by Robert de Sorbon  who was the chaplain of king Louis IX himself. The Latin Quarter derives its name from  the language of instruction at the Sorbonne and from the common lingua franca spoken in this quarter of Paris back then.

 The setting for “Midnight in Paris”

Cobbled streets tucked at the foot of the St Etienne-du-Mont Church (Saint Steven on the Mount) have been the setting of the famous movie “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen. The Pantheon as well as the slopes of the Montagne Sainte-Geneviève make this neighborhood truly unique. Suffice it to say, this is a complex and enormously varied area of Paris which is about to reveal itself.


La Sorbonne université


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