“Our guide was excellent. He picked the eyes out of the museum and gave us good insight into the history & mechanics of both the Louvre & its art. He knew his way around the place like it was his own house! Highly recommended.”
Highlights of the Louvre – March ’12 – Deborah – NYC.


“Olivier was a fountain of information, as well as very friendly.”
Versailles Tour, Palace, Gardens & Fountains – May ’12 – Laurie – Austin, TX.


Our Tour guide provided extended background information with a lot of humor. Very flexible as well. Highly recommended *****.
Giverny Tour, May ’12 – Bob & Linda – Oakton, VA


Very entertaining tour. I learned a lot of interesting history, architecture,and art history facts. The Tour Guide was very personal. Yes, I will tour again with I LOUVRE PARIS.com next time I am in town.
Loire Valley Tour, June ’12 – Charlotte, NYC


The importance placed on setting up a base of information on history, artistic facts, architecture, fun facts, and important features to notice or look for BEFORE ever entering the facility being toured. Our guide’s personality puts us at ease, is fun loving, and really enjoys teaching his tourists all that Paris has to offer.  He makes it both memorable, and entertaining!!  He goes the extra mile to make sure you enjoy your time and learn as much as possible about all that you tour. 5 STARS !
Be Impressed at Orsay! , May ’12,  Kirk & Cindy, Austin, TX


Before becoming a guide, I was teaching French language & French Civilisation within a US University. Here are some of the students feedbacks: