Over 1000 Châteaux in the area

Within over an hour by high speed train (TGV) from Paris, you are in the magnificent Loire Valley where the magical chateaux and gardens abounds. While the Loire Valley boasts over 1000 chateaux, only about 100 are open to the public.We shall focus on the 3 nearby castles who appear to best epitomize the unique Loire Valley character.

The famous staircase by Da Vinci

As the saying goes, “the Loire is a Queen and Kings have loved her”. From the 10th Century onwards, Kings have called the Loire Valley their home. Throughout the Middle Ages until the Renaissance, the Crowned Heads of the Loire Valley  promoted intellectual and artistic endeavors. The outcome is a bestowal of accomplishments for all time in the arts and literature, as well as unique heritages of state-of-the-art architecture and topiary art. Perhaps the most striking artefact may be the Chambord Double-Helix Staircase, wo may have been designed by Leonardo Da Vinci himself.



The double-helix staircase - Chambord


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