Food for Thought : the GOURMET Tour


Culinary Mecca of the World

Paris is perhaps the epitome of gastronomic refinement and elegance unwaveringly grounded on its traditions, turning food into art or, as Parisians say, ”Gastronomy”. The famous food expert Brillat-Savarin defined it as ”the knowledge and understanding of all that relates to man as he eats. Its purpose is to ensure the conservation of men, using the best food possible.” The term Gourmet has come into use since then as a derivative of somebody indulging into good food.

Covered Market Legacy

During the tour, we delve into the famous Les Halles market district which housed Paris traditional central market since the 12th C. In the 1850s, the massive glass and iron buildings Les Halles were constructed by Architect Baltard and soon were  known as the “Belly of Paris”, as it was coined by Émile Zola in his novel, Le Ventre de Paris which is depicting the busy marketplace of the 19th century.
This neighborhood remains the focal point for food enthusiaist as it still houses a myriad of fine food purveyors and culinary equipments boutiques. We shall stop at top-notch specialty stores such Paris first Patisserie or the indulge into the best Parisian chocolate. We’ll also stroll around Parisian style “marché” (market) and taste a wide array of seasonnal produce, fuits and cheeses. Bon Appétit !







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