Family Private Tour ~ VERSAILLES, Biking & Market

Exquisite Local Food Market


The origin of Versailles’ local markets dates back to the early days of Louis the XIV, in the Seventeenth Century when his father Louis XIII granted -via a patent letter – the founding of what would quickly become the best royal market of France. While the covered market was equipped with market stalls under the reign of Louis XV, they were replaced in 1841 by a Ballard style covered market which you may still admire today.


Family Biking In Versailles

 Biking fun !

We’ll tour the Grand Canal which is the place Louis the XIV had built to drain the area and to strategize Naval Battles ! You will be amazed by the lines and symetry of the canal as well as the trees surrounding it.


Marie-Antoinette's Estate PERSPECTIVE


The Marie Antoinette’s Estate

Let the true Intricate Marie-Antoinette reveal herself through her Estate ! Louis XVI’s wife throroughly enjoyed the Petit Trianon, the Queeen’s Gardens or the Hamlet. The Domaine epitomize the simple life with pastoral pursuits she was fond of, away from the ornate pomp of Versailles. Escaping from the rigidity of court Etiquette, the Queen would use the Petit Trianon and its park as her most famous get away. She had made it clear “Nobody may come without my invitation” !

While Marie-Antoinette had unparalled talents for the organisation of the court’s entertainments,  she gradually attracted the scorn of public opinion up to her tragic death during the French Revolution. But there is more to the story as History essentially maligned her. This what we’ll unveiled together !

Lavander in Versailles

Lavander in Versailles



  • Private Tour: just you and your family/friends
  • Water spouting to the rhythm of music
  • Authentic local market/ Great Food
  • Biking Fun as an option
  • Stellar authentic reviews